Skate 62nd National Championship - Toronto, NSW
- Fri 28 Dec 2018 thru Fri 04 Jan 2019

Date: August 2018 Source: Ken Davies


Confirmed Race Schedule, Notice of Race and Entry Form now online. Entries close 15 December.
Great sponsorship opportunities available.

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2017-18 Season Club and State Results

Date: August 2018 Source: Greg Halliday


NSW State Championship
State Champion: 981 Any Which Way (StGSC) - D Luck, D Crawford
Season Pointscore: 969 Natural Juices II (TASC) - K Davies, L Schroder

WA State Championship
State Champion: 937 Gobstopper - S Fico, M Minutillo
Season Pointscore: 973 On the Road Again- S Hudson, W Hudson

St George, NSW, Club Championship
Club Champion: 957 Never Give N Inch - J Grant, G Chrichton
Season Pointscore: 957 Never Give N Inch - J Grant, G Chrichton

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Skate 61st National Championship Results
- 2017-18 - Busselton, WA

Date: January 2018 Source: Tegan Scott & Emma Sills


Popular Skate Legends Silvio Fico and Mick Minutillo of Western Australia are the 61st Skate National Champions. Racing their equally legendary Skate - 937 Gobstopper, the longtime skipper and crew combo were podium finishers in all seven Heats with one x win, five x 2nd places and one 3rd place.

Runners-up by one point were Ken Davies and Lachlan Schroder of NSW on 969 - Natural Juices II. Brett Andrews and Laurie Parsons of WA on 986 - Getting Your End Wet rounded out the top rhree.

Paul Shiner and Paul Annesbury of WA on 978 - Magasaurarse, took home the Handicap series trophy, while NSW legends Norm Ryan and Kevin Williams took home the Veterans Trophy.

Details of all prizewinners plus more stories and photos from the titles can be found here.

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